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 Toulouse the MooseToulouse the Moose®     A special moose, named Toulouse the Moose® , who enjoys adventure. He’s kind, assertive with a dash of whimsy.
 Menou Menou  Toulouse’s loyal companion. Menou is a cat that shares in the adventures with Toulouse.  He is a little timid.
 Royal FamilyRoyal Family  Queen Claudine, graceful, gracious and kind. King Casimir, noble, handsome, and respected. Princess Nicole, sweet, playful and kind hearted.
 CassisCassis  Beauty accented with long eyelashes.  She is a social butterfly and a good friend of Toulouse the Moose® and Menou.
 RobearRobear  A furry round young little boy bear. He’s playful, carefree & respectful. A good friend of Toulouse the Moose® and Menou.
 ChevalCheval  Young boy playful and courteous.  Also a good friend of Toulouse the Moose® and Menou.
   Petit BernardPetit Bernard  


A talent scout.


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