Written and Illustrated by
Monique F. Rea

TOULOUSE Book The Original Story of Toulouse the Moose® And His Friends  This is a children’s 32 page storybook about a very special Moose named, Toulouse the Moose® and his cat, Menou who visit a castle in the French countryside on their bicycle. The story is filled with fantasy and discovery. Toulouse the Moose is a personable, whimsical character who demonstrates manners that will delight ages from 4-10 years old. If you are a collector of unusual children’s books we invite you to meet Toulouse the Moose and his friends.

Mystery Guests

Toulouse the Moose® and The Mystery Guests  Another adventure with Toulouse the Moose® and Menou. A children’s fantasy 32 page storybook about this special moose named, Toulouse the Moose and his companions, an Ostrich, Cassis, and his cat, Menou. Their adventures take them on a hot air balloon ride through the countryside to an unexpected destination. Ages 4-12 
Toulouse COLORING BOOK Toulouse the Moose® “Coloring Book”  Black and white drawings of the images from the book, “The Original Story of Toulouse the Moose® and His Friends. Children can color with their imagination.


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